Festival Angaelica and SikhLens

What a fun run it has been with “The Hideout” this year! I’m super grateful for what this project has meant to me; the doors it has opened, allowing me to meet other creatives and grow as a filmmaker. Grow as a person. To believe that I am now doing what I have always wanted to do: tell my stories.

In September, I had the privilege of joining the Festival Angaelica family in Big Bear Lake. The unique experience in a place I had not previously visited was one of the best I have had on the festival circuit,  integrating nature and art as one.

My next stop was at the annual SikhLens Festival where my brother Gurinder and I screened our film for the Sikh community and I participated on this year’s Creative Sikhs Panel alongside talented individuals like Maya Batra, Prem Singh, Pardeep Nagra and Amandeep Singh (Inkquisitive). Our shared Punjabi background and the notion of taking a risk on ourselves was a common thread for all of us.


This was one of my highlights for the entire year as I looked out to the crowd complete with children (many who reminded me of my younger self), shared my journey, and encouraged young minds to think outside the box. To always chase their dreams and be unafraid to stand out.

In many ways, it was also that panel that signified why I am ambitious and passionate to tell stories that are important to me. Growing up, there was such a void in me reflected by what I saw on the screen. People who did not showcase my reality or the reality that many people could relate to, which now serves as the very inspiration that drives my work.


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