To New York Indian Film Festival We Go

What a year and what a ride! As many of you know, I began a passion project at the end of 2015 . My short film, “The Hideout.” And pretty much every minute that followed in 2016 was spent thinking about getting the film on its feet and then actually doing it. I was scared shit list. I was up to my knees taking a chance on something my gut was guiding. I had to do it. I didn’t have film school under my belt. I didn’t know everything. But I believed that I could start somewhere, put my idea out into the world, and build a supportive community. And when I mean supportive, boy did I get hands reaching out to me  to keep me walking when I couldn’t see the road ahead. For that I am beyond grateful.

I’ve learned many things in the last year. For starters, you have to be so consumed by something you love that you are willing to make sacrifices. Your bank account will bust at times, but at the end of the day money goes out in the wash. Thirdly, rejection is inevitable and it sucks really flippin bad when you love what you’re doing, but it’s all part of the game. I got a “no” from quite a few festivals this year, which was crushing, but also motivation to re-strategize, think deeper, be better, want it more. And I kept on.

Then recently, I received my first yes. “We’d be delighted to program your film.” I got emotional. Then I told my brother.

“We did it,” he responded, “Two kids from a small town, chasing a dream.”

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