A March For Nasty Women Everywhere

Four years ago, I took the first flight I could find to D.C. for Obama’s Inauguration. It didn’t matter the time, the cost, what I’d have to do to get there. I just knew I had to be there because it was important to me. It was important to the people of this country…

…it’s kind of the same way I felt on Saturday as I set out to Downtown LA for the Women’s March. This was part of something bigger. The entire time I kept thinking about those who came before me. Those who sacrificed. Those who gave me the right to vote. Those who moved mountains so people of all colors and races could feel a sense of equality in this country. So, yes, I will remain Feminist As Fuck as the days carry on because yesterday marked only the beginning for #nastywomen everywhere! Who are we if we don’t stand for something? If we don’t have a social awareness?

Let’s be so nasty that nothing can stop us! Let’s make art and push for education; empower one another and leave no room for ignorance; serve the collective consciousness and give to our local communities the very gifts we have to offer because it is then that we are forceful and fearless and unstoppable and fucking amazing! I’m ready…are you?


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